How it works

The HB4H Cycle




The beauty of our process is anyone can nominate a group of heroes to be honored with a hand crafted 12 pack. The nomination process is not just for home brewers!

To nominate a group, simply gather a few details (how many people to include, the name and email address of a person in charge. etc...). Next, click the lock icon at the top of the site and either login or create an account. Once you login, you will see a menu titled "Take Action". Select "Nominate" from this menu and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation email.

Our board will make contact with the person in charge of the group and get all the red tape sorted out. From there, they will green light the nomination and turn it into a full fledged campaign. The campaign can be adopted by a local group of home brewers who will handle the donation and distribution. You will receive email notifications when your nomination becomes a campaign and when it gets adopted.




Home brewers can adopt hero groups and invite their friends or members of their home brew clubs to join.

Each user can have 1 active service project at a time. You can search for campaigns in your area by selecting "Campaign Adoption" from the "Take Action" menu. Once the campaign is adopted, the adopter and friends can begin pledging their donations. A status bar will track the progress to the donation goal, and a timer will show the time remaining until pickup deadline.




Once a campaign is completed, the adopting user will coordinate the distribution details with the Person in Charge of the heroes.

Official HB4H labels and bottle caps are required and will be shipped to the adopting user.

At the distribution day, please take as many pictures as possible and share them on your campaign's page.

Once distribution is complete, the user can adopt another campaign and start the process again.